Bra Making Month: Bra Biz Chats with Karu from Studio Costura // EP17

Studio Costura

Finding bra-making supplies, in my humble opinion, is the hardest part of the bra-making process - especially if you're wanting to look around and find supplies locally. 

Imagine for a second, though, if it's this hard for us as shoppers to buy supplies... what's it like for indie suppliers? 

Today we're going to be talking about all that and lots more business with Karu from Studio Costura. Karu started Studio Costura just last summer (2016), so she gives a really interesting perspective on what it's like growing a business within the first year. 

While I don't want to spoil the episode for you guys, I just want to highlight that Karu is going to be talking about her super-interesting supply chain - this is hands down my favourite part of this episode!

I also wanted to take a moment to quickly celebrate how fearless Karu is. After appearing as a podcast guest on Modern Sewciety last week I have a new-found appreciation for how difficult it is to be a guest on a podcast - it's really nerve racking! While French is my second language, and I'm pretty fluent at speaking it, I would never consider doing a podcast interview in that language because I just wouldn't be comfortable. So needless to say, I think Karu agreeing to do a podcast interview with me in a language other than her first is insanely courageous. 

Way to go, girl, you totally killed the interview!

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