Bra Making Month: Your FAQs Answered with Hannah from Evie la Luve Lingerie // EP16


Want to start bra making but don't know where to start?

Here's where you start! 

Today on the show I have Hannah from Evie la Luve on to answer her most frequently asked questions about making bras and undies. Hannah is a lingerie pattern designer and supply shop owner, so you can bet she gets a lot of questions about bra making every day. 

What I love so much about this episode is that it really covers all the bra-making basics. This is the perfect bra-making 101 intro crash course that you can listen before starting your first project to feel more confident. I wish I could have asked her these same questions before I made my first project last year, especially the questions about choosing fabric because I found that SO CONFUSING. 

For the more advance bra-makers out there, don't worry, we talk about other stuff too. In fact, I told Hannah I've never successfully made a pair of undies even though I can crack out an underwire bra no problem (true story). We chatted a little about where I was getting tripped up, and some of her patterns that might be a good starting point for me to try again. 

I bought her Lyla pattern, although it wasn't what she recommended because the woven/knit combo seemed perfect for me. 

So cross your fingers for me, guys, because I'm going to try and make some undies. 

(I'll keep you update on any disasters/success stories on Instagram)

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Show Notes

When talking about supplies Hannah just so happened to mention a bunch of my favourite bra makers who just so happen to be involved with bra month in some way or another! Studio Costura, Emerald Studio, and Tailor Made Shop are great places to search for supplies and even more fun people to hang out with this month!

We mentioned a boat load of Hannah's patterns, like the Rosie Bra, Bella Panties, Evie Knickers, and my personal favourite the Lyla Thong.

We also chatted about how in EP08 Paige from Seams Electric came on the show to talk about sewing her own wedding dress, and recommend taking on a smaller project to break up any larger sewing project you may be working on - we both think sewing a bra or undies would make a perfect instant-gratification project to get you through the long haul!

Also, guys, you NEED to check out Hannah's YouTube account - her videos are INCREDIBLE. I could spend all day drooling over the quality. 

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