Bra Making Month: Handmade Lingerie Style with Sarah from Ohhh Lulu // EP15

Ohhh Lulu Sews

Today we're kicking off the Maker Style Bra-Making Month with an awesome interview with Sara from Ohhh Lulu talking all about her lingerie style and where she finds inspiration for her patterns and handmade pieces in her shop. 

If you're working on planning some new pieces for your handmade underwear wardrobe, looking for some inspiration before purchasing a bra-making kit, or just looking to explore some of the cool styles you can experiment with in lingerie sewing you're going to love our chat today. 

One of the best parts about sewing bras and underwear is that since they're (almost) always hidden, you can really go crazy with prints and patterns, daring to try new styles on a smaller scale. 

Maybe you can't get away with wearing a hamburger print shirt to the office, but a bra? Why not! 

It's so much fun to experiment with bra and underwear sewing, and I know this episode will give you some inspiration for your latest project. 

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Show Notes

Sarah released some gorgeous new patterns recently. I love this set and these undies the best (although I do like these, too) 

We also mentioned her Jasmine, Ava,  and Bambi (a personal favourite of mine) patterns during the chat. 

Sarah likes to find her supplies at Bra Makers Supply, Spoonflower, and Girl Charlee. 

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