Style in Progress with Sophie from Ada Spragg // EP14


New year, new me?

If the change in year has you in the mood for reflection and honest self-chats you're going to really love today's episode with Aussie sewing blogger Sophie from Ada Spragg

When I contacted Sophie for this interview I had a pretty clear idea of what our chat was going to look like in my mind - I loved Sophie's style, admired everything she's made in the past, and was looking forward to some light chats about our favourite prints, patterns and colours. 

But our chat took a different turn. 

Sophie and I talked about how her style has evolved since starting Ada Spragg many years ago, and how the garments that we thinking of in the sewing community as being iconically Sophie no longer have a place in her wardrobe. We chatted about the difficulties of navigating these changes - especially as a blogger -  and what her wardrobe is looking like now.
Although we recorded this chat months ago, I've been holding onto it for this week because I knew there would be no better time for honest reflections on ourselves and our style other than the first week of 2017. I really appreciated the real talks I had with Sophie, and I know you will too.
I hope while listening you can take a moment to connect a little deeper with your style, and ask some questions about if the garments you are making really fit with your overall wardrobe. I know our chat certainly caused me to reflect for a moment. 

I also hope that each and every one of you has a wonderful 2017 - I'm sending you all of my love and encouragement, sewing friends.

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Show Notes

In the intro I mention a blog post I wrote a few days ago that chats about a few of the ways I became happier in 2016. If you're in the mood for some reflection and some fun resolution-y type chats check it out. 

Other things mentioned

Style Arc Blair
Itch to Stitch Sirena Dress (since our chat I've hacked it into a shirt - LOVE this pattern and have a dress in the works)
Odgen Cami (I LOVE this pattern too, I've made two since our chat)
We're both so inspired by Carolyn from Unfancy
Here are the Banana Leaf culottes I mentioned a zillion times. 
Check out Sophie's Pinterest board because her style is top notch. 

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