Being a Small Fabric Store Entrepreneur with Fiona from Faberwood Fabrics // EP13

Being a Small Fabric Store Entrepreneur with Fiona from Faberwood Fabrics // EP13

Faberwood Fabrics

Hey everyone!

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at your fabric small fabric stores? What the day to day process looks like as a sewing entrepreneur building a curated and chic fabric collection for shoppers like you and I?

Today, Fiona from Faberwood Fabrics is here to fill you in. 

Fiona is the creative entrepreneur behind Faberwood, a highly curated fabric shop featuring small collections of designer yardage that you cannot find anywhere else. What's always stood out to me about Faberwood is that the shops aesthetic is unique, but perfectly defined - the ideal mix of indie-cool I'm always searching for. 

Plus, the styling of all the products is beautiful. I could a good hour browsing through. That swatch up there? Her gorgeous Spot "Like Chambray" Ikat on 100% HANDLOOM (!!) Indian cotton. 

Fiona was one of the first people on my list of potential interview guests because I've admired her work for a long time. I'm happy to report she's just as kind and knowledgeable on air as she is online. 

This was a fantastic interview, so let's dig in!


Here's one of the very first blog posts I wrote - a roundup of all of my favourites from Faberwood. 




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