Special Episode: Media Relations 101 for Indie Sewing Designers with Rachel // EP12

It's a Special Episode! 

Today on the Maker Style Podcast I'm sharing a special tip about getting your products out there: effective media relations.

Ever wonder how Helen decides what makes it into her Wednesday Weekly's? Or how Rachel and Kate find content for the Sew Reporter? Or how Fiona from Diary of a Chain Stitcher does her Indie Pattern Roundup? 

The short answer is they put in a lot of work sourcing a boat load of information. 

Now, if you're a sewing small business or indie pattern designer, you're probably wondering how you could get your products listed in these roundups. They're a great way to gain traffic to your site and spread the word to new potential customers who might not have heard of your brand before. 

The secret is a simple email and a little bit of media relations savvy. Easy, I promise!

Today on the episode I share what I've learnt about media relations so far from chatting with Kate from The Fold Line and Helen from Helen's Closet on the show, and also from a brief little Instagram conversation with Fiona from Diary of a Chain Stitcher. These sewing reporters have given me some insider information about what helps them create their roundups and how they would like new Indie Designers to contact them. All these tips have been organized and packaged into a short, informational epsiode containing all the information you need to know about media relations for pattern designers. 

So lets jump in! 

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Show Notes

No real notes for this week, but I do have a big question for you: Where do you go for your sewing news? If you publish sewing news, let me know in the comments how you like pattern designers to contact you - if there are some new suggestions I'll do a roundup on my blog. 

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