Three Things I've Learnt as a Sewing Vlogger with Brittany J. Jones // EP32

Brittany J. Jones

The internet has been blowing up lately with claims that video is where it's at in 2017 - and it's easy to see why people are saying that. More and more social media platforms (I'm looking at you, Instagram) are prioritizing video content on their sites and making it easier than ever to produce awesome videos. 

I've seen a lot of sewing bloggers try their hand and sewing vlogging over this last year, and it's really opened my eyes to the huge online sewing community that exists on YouTube. While I haven't gotten too deep into this community yet, I used to watch a lot of Secret Life of a Bio Nerd's Tutorials way way back in the day - maybe that was a pre-Pinterest influence on my desire to sew?

I'm still just dipping my toes into the world sewing vloggers, but one I loved right away was Brittany J. Jones. I love her chic style, how she produces her videos, and how genuinely nice she is. I was thinking she would be the perfect guest to talk about video - then a bunch of you requested she come on the show and it sealed the deal!

So, today Brittany has come on the show to give us a behind-the-scenes look at how she makes her videos happen. We cover her equipment, software, lessons learnt, and her top three tips for anyone looking to start their own sewing vlog. This is an amazing, content-packed episode I know you're all going to LOVE. 

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Show Notes

Brittany uses the Canon ISI 350 to film and shoot blog pictures.

Brittany uses the Blue Yeti Mic. This is a well-loved product in the podcasting industry.

Brittany edits with iMovie but also uses Keynote and Canva for graphics.

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