Reflections on Three Years in Business with Allie from Indie Sew // EP31

Indie Sew

Man, I'm such a huge fan of Allie from Indie Sew. 

Allie is the incredible entrepreneur behind Indie Sew, an online marketplace for indie sewing patterns, fabrics, and classes. We first spoke way back in EP04 about what it was like behind the scenes of her business, and we're back again today to reflect and celebrate Indie Sew's third birthday. 

This episode includes a lot of looking forward, discussions on mindful growth and entrepreneurship, and reminders to stay kind to yourself above everything else. This conversation was hugely inspiring to me and I know you guys will enjoy it too. 

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Show Notes

Allie is a huge fan of NPR's How I Built This podcast. I've never listened before, but I'm going to start with this episode with Kate Spade. 

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