SPECIAL EPISODE: Chatty Q&A With Rachel from Maker Style // EP30

Lately, you guys have been asking me to open up a little more about myself on the show and give you a little bit of a background on the lady behind the show. 

I guess this makes sense, because I love learning more about my favourite online friends, but I've got to admit it makes me a feel a little strange opening up like this on the internet. 

So, as per your request, here are your questions answered in celebration of my 22nd birthday. Blogging, personal, sewing - nothing was off limits. It's chatty, full of anecdotes, and shares a whole lot about who I am as a person. To save my sanity (and avoid me over-analyzing every last word I said) this episode is pretty much free-form with very little editing. I hope you can appreciate the rawness and openness found in this episode. 

Regular interviews will resume next week. A special thank you goes out to everyone who asked me a question - it really blows my mind that there are people on the internet who are even remotely curious in who I am as a person.

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