My Experience Getting Professional Branding with Kelli from True Bias // EP29

True Bias

As makers, we often get into the habit of wanting to DIY everything.

DIY Haircuts? Sure, why not!
DIY Website? No question, we can handle it!
DIY Wardrobe? Obviously!

But something I've learnt the hard way is that sometimes it's best to call in the pros for expert help on a project. 

That's why I knew I had to have Kelli from True Bias on the show to talk a little bit more about why she decide to work with a professional branding agency to re-work her business's branding. 

This episode is all about business, growth and personal development. Even if you're nowhere near a place in your blog or business where you can afford a professional branding (I'm so there!!) this episode has a whole lot of insight into being true to yourself and a few tips you can use when DIYing your branding. Plus, Kelli really opens up about how she feels towards her business, and as a True Bias super fan I loved learning more about this side of her. 

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Show Notes

We gushed about having a nice logo on the show - Here are some great options on Etsy to get your own template!

Blush Creative is the Agency Kelli has used for her rebrand. 

I mentioned being a True Bias super fan. Kelli's Ogden Cami and Emerson Crops (which I lengthen into trousers) are my favourites. 

We discuss how Alina from Alina Design Co worked with one of my favourite graphic designers, Elise Epp, you can learn a little bit more about her experience from Elise's perspective here. 

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