Sewing a Chic, Retro-Ish Wardrobe with Allie Jackson // EP28

Allie J.

What's a better way to kick off Me Made May than a chat about how to modernize vintage patterns into retro-ish styles that work perfectly day-to-day?

I actually couldn't imagine anything better, so that's why I've been saving this episode for MONTHS just for today!

In this week's episode of Maker Style, I'm chatting with the wonderful Allie J. Allie is really a master of "retro-ish" and has a beautiful me-made wardrobe filled with vintage patterns used in modern ways. As someone who could never imagine myself wearing a "vintage" pattern in my everyday life, Allie inspires me to give it a try! 

Allie is also one of the sweetest and funny people I've met in the sewing community, so that makes things extra fun ;) Truth be told, Allie is one of those bloggers I use to really look up to before I got started with Maker Style and it's pretty cool to think we're now sewing pals. 

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Show Notes

Stop right now and check out these amazing makes from Allie we mentioned in the show: Her pink vintage inspired wedding dress, rosy coat, staple Simplicity 4475 dresses, and her 70's inspired Simplicity Maxi (my personal fav)

This interview Allie did with Simplicity's Design and Development Director (can we say dream job??) was AWESOME. 

While looking for other blog posts mentioned in the show notes I came across these 8 patterns for beginner vintage dressmakers you might enjoy.

Here are Allie's tips for buying vintage patterns

Allie mentions her love for the DVF wrap dress pattern. While that one goes for something crazy online ($200!!) McCalls did an awesome sewalong featuring other options to consider. 

Allie is going to wrap up her Me Made May on her newsletter if you want to see how she wears retro-ish everyday. 

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