The Growth of the Indiestry with Elisalex from By Hand London // EP25

By Hand London

In this fast-growing indie online sewing world, being in business for five years basically makes you a veteran in the industry. 

We're already seeing major shifts in how blogging, patterns, and indie sewing are being done today vs. seven years ago. To talk about these shifts I've got the lovely Elisalex from By Hand London on the show. In addition to designing up some of the world's most beautiful cocktail dress patterns, she's been in the indie sewing industry (aka: indiestry) for a while now and is a great person to chat about the changes she's seen.

While we do talk a lot about the Indiestry, we also progressed into talking a lot about life as a sewing small business owner - overcoming challenges and making magic happen. It was a fantastic chat and I know you're going to love this episode. 

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Show Notes

I mention this episode of Elise Get's Crafty in the show. What looks like magic is usually just hard work, but a lot of hard work can build up to make something that's truly magical. 

 Mood and Girl Charlee are all great sources for knit fabrics. 

I mention Brittany Jones and her awesome YouTube channel. She's coming up on the show this season, stay tuned!

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