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Modern Sewciety

So how many times in the two years have you heard that email marketing is the place to be? Or that a newsletter is safer than social media? Or that your growth and engagement is going to skyrocket as soon as you start sending emails? 

If you're a blogger or small business owner, I'm sure the answer is a ba-jillion million. 

It's been the hot topic in the online business/blogger world lately. 

And for good reason! Email newsletters can be an excellent way to connect with the people who love your blog/business on a deeper level without having to consider the uncertainty that comes along with changing social media algorithms. 

But just because it's talked about constantly doesn't mean that it's easy to get started sending them. First, you have to get yourself set up with some kind of third-party email client. Next, you need to implement sign-up forms on your website, which depending on your CMS might be really confusing. Then you have to build your list, which brings up the question of "How the **** do I get people to sign up for this list?" At this point you might consider a fremium, or just straight up email newsletter promotion, but before you do either of those things you need to figure out what exactly this elusive newsletter will contain first. 

If you're anything like me, you got about halfway through this list, got overwhelmed, and have a newsletter that's half set up somewhere waiting to be used. 

It can feel hard getting started! 

Luckily for all of us, I have Stephanie here from Modern Sewciety to offer some AMAZING advice. As podcast listeners, you probably know her from her show Modern Sewciety, but today we're leaving the podcast chats behind (we actually did that over on her show) to talk all about newsletters and how Steph's been using hers lately. 

This episode is the perfect kick in the butt to get you started on making your newsletter what you want it to be TODAY. 

Stephanie is full of inspiration and fabulous tips to help you get your newsletter going - you'll thank yourself later for listening, trust me, Steph's pep talk got me to re-introduce my newsletter for Maker Style... but more on that later in the show! 

Thanks again for coming on the show Steph, you have been a HUGE mentor to me! 

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Show Notes

Steph loves Amy Lynn Andrew's Useletter and Suzy Quilts newsletter. I love Colourpop's email. 

Steph uses Mad Mimi has her email client, I use Mail Chimp. Although Steph mentioned on the show that she doesn't have to pay yet for Mad Mimi, it looks like she might be grandfathered in on an older plan because I don't see a free option offered by them anymore. I use Mailchimp for free though, so that might be a great option if you don't want a paid plan. 

I mention some stats about email in the intro of today's episode - here's the full article. 

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