Behind the Scenes of Indie Print Magazines with Dominique and Rosa from Suzy // EP22


When was the last time you read a print magazine?

For me, it's been a really long time. 

Finding blogs, whether they're about fashion, home decor, or DIY/Sewing, replaced the role of magazines for me. I loved the fact that I could never lose them, could access any type of content I wanted, and could read about anything I wanted for free. 

I basically swore off print magazines for good. 

But then I heard about Suzy, a new independent print magazine for the fashion-loving sewists. I thought the idea of launching a print magazine in an increasingly digital era was a bold move, so I knew I had to get the founders Rosa and Dominique on the show to share the what, why, and how behind their new magazine venture. 

After hearing why Dominique and Rosa started Suzy and learning a little more about their processes, I started to agree that there was a special appeal in print magazines that you just can't get from a blog. Then after the ladies behind Suzy sent me the first edition to check out I got hooked. 

I can't tell you what a nice experience it is to hold a magazine in your hands and flip through the pages - bonus points when its pages upon pages of sewing goodness. 

This interview is a story about starting something new, following your dreams, and doing something for the love of it. Not only is this interview incredibly interesting because it shares the behind the scenes process of taking a magazine from concept to print, but it's incredibly interesting because the passion these two ladies have for Suzy is contagious.  

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Show Notes

Not too many notes from today's conversation, although we did mention loving the online sewing magazine Seamwork. 

Want More Suzy?

The second issue of Suzy should be shipping out at the end of March!

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