Growth, Challenges, and Sewing Industry Chats with Kate from The Fold Line // EP07

The Fold Line

The sewing small business world is an amazing place. We're really fortunate to be a part of a new era of sewing that's filled to the brim with entrepreneurship, big ideas, and a strong network of community support. 

One of the sewing small businesses that I believe is leading the industry right now is The Fold Line, an online community run by British sewing duo Kate and Rachel. They've got great business savvy and a deep connection to the needs of our community, and are using this to run an incredible business that's growing, changing, and propelling the industry forward. 

In this episode of Maker Style, we go behind the scenes at The Fold Line to get a better sense of what sewing small business looks like day to day. We talk about the industry, who we admire, and what's tough about working in sewing. This is a must-listen for anyone who likes to sew, full stop. 

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Show Notes

- We find the business savvy of Heather from Closet Case Files and Jenny from Cashmerette Patterns extremely inspiring. 

- The Fold Line is running a contest to promote their new business: Tribe Patterns! The winner will get to design their own sewing pattern with Tribe - here's how you can enter. 

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