How to use Instagram Effectively as a Sewing Blogger with Beth from Sew DIY // EP06


I think you would be hard-pressed to find a sewist who didn't think Instagram was the sewing community's favourite social media. Let's face it, we're creative, visual people who would rather look it pretty things than read them. As a result, Instagram is a hugely important part of sewing blogging, sewing small business, and getting involved with the online sewing community. 

Since it's so important to our community it's an important platform to learn how to use effectively if you want to succeed in sewing blogging, designing, and small business. If you're working to grow your audience, and become more engaging on Instagram, you're in the right place. Beth from Sew DIY, one of the most iconic and popular sewing bloggers on Instagram, is here today to share some tips on how to use this platform more effectively. 

Now please, let me be clear, you so do NOT have to follow these tips if you don't want to. If you use Instagram purely for fun, and not for business, these tips might not even be applicable to you. 


If you want to grow a following, engage your followers, and develop a clearly branded style than this episode is going to give you so many of the tools you need to get there. Beth is an expert in Instagram, if you've ever checked out the sewing related stuff there I will guarantee you've seen (and more than likely double-tapped) her posts before. 

In addition to being a Instagram guru, Beth also has a wonderful sewing blog and a gorgeous line of sewing patterns. She so generously set up a 15% coupon for all Maker Style listeners who want to give her designs a try. The code is MakerStyle15OFF and it will be valid from Oct 23-Nov 7 at midnight Pacific time. The code applies to any single pattern (meaning the Beginners Bundle is excluded). 

PS: This was the very first Maker Style interview I EVER recorded - Beth is a podcast pioneer! I've gotten much better at interviewing since our call a few months ago (or at least I'd like to think so!) so if you notice that things sound "different" that's why! 

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Show Notes

Beth's Favorite Editing Apps:
Snapseed (Double Yes!)
(I also really recommend A Color Story)

Here's a Post Beth Wrote About how to use these Apps

Beth's Favourite Hashtags:

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