Leopard Ogden Cami

Leopard Rayon Challis | Ogden Cami

Hey everyone!

I'm back to show off another Ogden cami. I made this over two months ago and have been wearing it on a weekly basis ever since. 

So let's talk details.

Just like last time, I sewed up the XS. I played around with thicker straps on this version for a little bit of a different look/I couldn't find a safety pin to help me turn the straps inside out. 

Truthfully, I haven't been able to find a safety pin since I moved here nearly two years ago. I think it's time to buy some :P

Compared to my first Ogden Cami, this one turned out a whole lot better. Last time I tried to serge the lining to the outer piece out of laziness and the v-neck ended up not-so-crisp. This time I used my domestic machine and finished the raw edges with pinking shears. 

Using pinking shears always makes me a little bit fearful since I've had it fray pretty badly in the past, but the neckline has held up well after multiple washes and wears - yay!

I love this pattern. While I think patterns with a bust dart are typically more flattering on my shape, this classic and easy silhouette first perfectly in my wardrobe. It's the woven basic that I come back to over and over again. 

If you're looking for a great woven cami pattern, I couldn't recommend this enough. 

Moving onto the fabric. 

I consider leopard a neutral in my wardrobe in a French-girl-chic kind of way. 

I used to have a pair of leopard oxfords I wore out, and while I'm still looking for the perfect pair of leopard flats, I've been working on adding leopard to my wardrobe in other ways. 

I've been loving this cami with a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans, or my black Emerson trousers for a comfy look. 

This fabric is from Style Maker Fabrics. While I have gotten free fabric in the past from Michelle for promotional purposes, this piece was purchased myself. 

Both of my Ogden Camis have been made with rayon challis, but the difference in quality from this yardage from Style Maker Fabrics and the blue bargain I got from Lens Mill is apparent - after considerably less wear the blue fabric is pilling and starting to look worn. This leopard fabric, on the other hand, sill looks brand new after consistent wear. 

Do you consider any prints as staples in your wardrobe? For me it's definitely leopard and bold, sweeping florals... does this mean I'm secretly obsessed with the 80s? 

Let me know. 

PS: Can we take a moment to appreciate how spring is coming and I won't need indoor photography anymore? YAY